The tiger wall. To inspire athletes to push a little harder.

The Fight move academy in Neuchatel, Switzerland was in need of a new paint on their wall.

Together with Troubelle they decided to add a mural to inspire and motivate the athletes training in the gym.

They really loved the idea of a tiger, that stands for power and the force to pursue your personal goals.

The owner of the academy loves Japan and is a well known ufc champion.

With that in the back of the head it was time to sketch.

After some sketches, they left the final choice open to the artist and literally gave a big blank canvas to work with.

We wanted to draw the attention to the strength of the tiger and have a short and clear message surrounding it.

At the academy they have created a beautiful community where people like to come to train, but also meet friends and have fun. 

We hope the tiger wall helps to inspire to train hard and will be a good place to take fun pictures afterwards.

Train to win!

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