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Handmade upcycled products designed to share your unique story.

It's time to customise!


Troubelle is a fresh and rebellios brand from Europe, harmonising nature with fashion to create unique designs. At Troubelle, all designs are custommade and all designs tell a story. Above all we strive to create sustainable pieces that will be treasured by you forever. We paint your story on denim, sneakers, walls or on canvas. We start with finding the right material and get inspired by your dreams. We re-use vintage denim, take it apart and recycle or upcycle making every piece one-of-a-kind. Troubelle is for everybody who isn’t afraid to express themselves. We want to inspire you to live the colourful life that you are dreaming of.

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A custom handprinted jacket is for those who wish to feel authentic. Do you have something special to celebrate or something important to tell? It's the perfect gift for any occasion. From a wedding, to a birthday, to a graduation. We create a custom piece together with you.


Do you wish to be part of the Troubelle world? We also upcycle your favourite sneakers with a custom design. Anything is possible. Just let us know your wishes and we create a special design for you.


Wish to own a Troubelle art piece? With us art travels from canvas to sneakers to denims to walls. Let’s collaborate on your art pieve, inspired by your dreams.


Troubelle paints the coolest designs for kids. Are you looking for something special for your little love or are you looking for a nice present? Design with us for your little one.

At Troubelle every piece tells a story.

To create a truly unique design, we ask you about your story. 

Share your story with us and let's customise together. 


Pick your base!

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